Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't care what they say

he's mine no matter what

I don't care if you kick me out

I'll love him till the day I die

don't tell me he's not the one

it'sjust a fling you'll get over it

cause it's not

I don't care if he's not the perfect guy

he's all I ever wanted

he makes me smile he make's me laugh

I just can't leave him

like thatmy heartaches

when he's not aroundand

you excpect me to love another guy

he's everything you ever wanted but to me

he's just another guy

he's nothing compared to mine

and you can't changed that

he's mine and I don't care what you think

I love him and never want to leave him

cause he's my one and only love

don't tell me he's not this

and he's not that cause

I don't care from the moment I met him

I knew I was in love

he's my everything and you can't change that~

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